Important January 2021 Update

This is a very important update. VERY. CRUCIAL.
After the events and the subsequent social media censorship of January 6, and on the instructions of God I am taking a step away from Facebook.
I do not know what this looks like in truth- I only know that God said to do it and I am willing to be obedient to him and his directions. I do not know if I will still do live commercials, live sales, album sales, wall drops, inspirational posts, or anything else, the only answer I have right now is to step away.
We know God doesn’t reveal the entire plan, just the first step.
I’ve been hearing this direction for a while now, yesterday I chose to listen.
That being said– I still sell jewelry- I simply will not be relying solely on these platforms.
Instead I will be moving ALL of my business to my website- it already has 947 pieces (we counted inventory yesterday) on it and I will be using both message alerts and text message alerts to notify you when new pieces have been added. I ask that you please sign up for those alerts today- don’t wait because you will forget- at the links below.
I do not feel as though this will be goodbye forever, but for now- God wants to do something big with and through me and he needs me to spend time more time with him to see it done.
I will honor his request and I know he will honor my obedience.
It is my sincere hope that you will continue to support me and that support will grow by leaps and bounds through this time of obedience. I want to stay in touch with you, off of this platform.
Please sign up for these reminders so that we can continue our relationship no matter where we go!
ps- if you don’t know this already, I use post schedulers like my life depends on it 😉 And all of them are off Facebook so you will likely still see posts of mine, they will all be pre-scheduled.
NOTE- if you have previously signed up for one or both of these methods of contact you don’t need to sign up again, you are still on the list!
And this means that you will see an increase in notifications from me using these services, please do not mark them as spam, as I will not be sending you spam.