I’m a Producer, Baby!

It’s time to break out the happy dance!

Actually I already have, but I will keep on dancing 😉
I am so excited, I am a PRODUCER!!!

I have been working on this rank non-stop for 16 months, yes, 16 of them, that’s a LOT of days, a lot of time, a lot of disappoints, a lot of hurt, heart ache, and being sick and tired of waiting. And here it is! Producer!


Let me tell you, nothing good in life come easily or quickly, it requires work, it requires the willingness to stay in the fight even when you’re tired, it requires faith, trust, and WORK. Every day for 16 months I got up, I got to work, I learned what my gifts and skills are, put those skills to work for me, focused on what I was good at, not what I wasn’t, I dug deep on the bad days, and even deeper on the really bad days. I prayed through a lot, ok, basically all the time. I grew, I grieved losses, I welcomed new teammates, I lost others, and boy, it was all 100% worth it.


And I’m already started work on another rank, I am a Premier Producer! Big things are coming for me and for my team– there’s a part for you to play, you need to get in on this right now! Don’t wait any longer!
Join now!