I love to train

It’s no secret, I am a teacher at heart and by training. I spent entirely too many hours in education classes, both undergraduate and graduate… I have a love of teaching, I always knew I was meant to teach but it surely wasn’t in the classrooms of modern day public schools— no.thank.you.


I worried when I accepted some of my first jobs that my hearts love of teaching would go unfulfilled in life because I was as far away from education as I could get and I could not let myself work in the public education system in North Carolina. Have you SEEN how bad that state is with regard to education and its teachers?! Not on your life.


When I joined my first direct sales company and realized that the leaders do an awful lot of teaching and training I knew then THAT’S what I wanted to do. Company after company I joined but I never met with success financially and I surely wasn’t able to offer my large amount of knowledge as a teacher or trainer, so I remained unhappy….


Then came Paparazzi. Finally I found my success. Talk about celebration.

Yes, I make a great deal of money selling $5 jewelry, but more than that I grew a team (that’s still growing) and I get to be the teacher and trainer! Every week I host a Facebook Live training for my team, I host monthly in-person training for my local folks, I travel to places where I have a large gathering of folks, I have even designed a full training program for the first four weeks of a consultant’s journey. Plus so much more.

Y’all, I get to teach! I get to create documents for my “students” to use, I get to have lesson plans, I mean ALL OF IT! All of the techniques I spent so many hours learning are coming in handy now and I am loving it!

And what’s better, my team LOVES the training too! They respond so well, the more I teach and train the harder they work! It’s an amazing relationship!


I cannot wait to see this team of mine grow and grow and grow and to teach others to train like I train, to share their knowledge and love of Paparazzi with others, and to watch them soar!


Sigh– I am so glad to have found a place where I belong, where my immense talents are put to great use, and where I feel completely fulfilled. Thank you Paparazzi for that and so much more <3