I Am Elite!

I am Ericka Champion Wise and I am Elite in Paparazzi Accessories!
I have dreamed for a long time, over four years, to say that sentence and have the title behind it!
I've said for a long while now "I am Elite" as a daily affirmation in the mirror morning and night to help with my faith, belief, and manifestation, but now I get to say it all the time to everyone!!
This is so exciting?


So what the heck does this mean?!
Elite is the top 1% of Paparazzi Accessories, the top consultants.
To reach this level one's team has to do a total of $100,000 in retail production in one month, we call is 40,000 Organizational volume, it's a big jump from the previous rank requirements.



Being Elite also means a higher level of training and access to the Paparazzi Accessories Home Office.
I will be attending my first Leadership Summit in May! I will travel to Utah for a week of intense leadership training straight from the founders!! I am excited to get this opportunity to learn! Plus at Convention I will have additional time with the founders, and I am part of the Elite conference calls and trainings! I enjoy getting this extra level of learning!


And you know, I'm betting there are other perks and things that I don't even know about!

I just know that I have worked and dreamed and believed in this rank for YEARS and it is here! I am still celebrating and still in awe that this is my life!

If you're in Paparazzi and working toward Elite, keep working! Keep going! Keep growing! Keep believing! If you're in another company and working toward your top levels- do the same thing! No matter what happens keep moving forward! You will get there!