I am a Teacher!

Monday Motivation:

I was born to be a teacher, just ask my mom and my little brothers who sat through hours of “school” in our play house 😉

I have the education and paperwork to be a teacher but there’s that whole low-paying salary and bureaucracy… I’m not about that life.

I knew I was meant to teach I just never imagined life would look like THIS and THIS is how I’d be teaching people!

This is what Paparazzi does for me: I get to stand in front of rooms full of eager #paparazzi consultants helping them to grow themselves and thereby their businesses, encouraging and empowering them, and showing them “If I can, you can.”

You have a dream in your heart you want to see happen, don’t stop till it does!
I entered college 15 years ago to be a teacher, fifteen years yall. Who cares how long it takes so long as it happens, right?
Keep going, keep working, keep believing– make your dream come true, you are worth it!

I got my dream and get to live and work every day doing what I was designed to do AND I get paid well for it! You can have yours too!