Hurricane Shutters!

So you know we bought a cute little house this summer!
And summer in Florida means hurricane season (it’s just part of life and we know that)
Our house didn’t come with hurricane shutters but you know us DIY’rs we can’t help ourselves, we must create, we must do something with all our energy 😀

Insert hurricane shutters here!

Solomon and I looked all over pinterest, because all things creative happen there, and found some we liked and new we could make ourselves.

we LOVED these and were sold on them!! Time to build our own!



We ended up picking up fencing at Home Depot- they were inexpensive, lightweight but also VERY strong because you know, they have to stand up to hurricane force winds of around 100 miles per hour- they had to last!



We had to do a lot of math on this one because the shutters had to only cover one side of the window and meet in the middle! And, to make matter even MORE fun, every single window on our house is a different size! All of them!!
So a LOT of math was required!


Each piece was cut to size, glued together and them braced with boards across the middle to make them even stronger, eventually Solomon screwed the bracer boards down to be extra sure they would withstand the winds- we were expecting a Category 5 in Hurricane Irma, we weren’t playing around.

We’re in these pictures for size reference, they were HUGE but light weight!


A coat of white paint on them made them look like they have always belonged on the house!


Because time was short we did not have time to get our hardware in, we ordered it from Amazon because local hardware stores didn’t seem to carry shutter hinges (regular ones will not work, we found this out the hard way) so we literally screwed the shutters into our house! We were taking no chances!

And guess what- they WORKED! We sustained no damage to our house, praise God!!
Irma did hit, she was mean and a mess, and covered the entire state of Florida, but we survived and so did our house!


Plus, a few friends have asked Solomon to build some shutters for their homes 😀 How awesome is that?!