Hurricane Matthew and the Space Coast

Let’s start this off with we’re ok.


We’re more than ok actually. The Space Coast fared incredibly well during what could have been a major catastrophe, during what was a disaster for so many other areas.


It all started when we were projected to have a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm with incredible winds that had already taken lives in Haiti. This place really stepped up and got prepared. All of my friends stocked up on provisions, boarded up their homes, and most evacuated when their zone was told to evacuate. It was a wonderful thing to see. I was proud of how folks were taking this seriously, how they were taking care of themselves, their friends, neighbors, and loved ones. And Governor Scott was one cool fellow under so much pressure. He did the right things at the right times, he activated the National Guard, he declared a State of Emergency, and he was on top of everything minute by minute. He was a very public face during all of this and he was a very calming force. It was surprising considering the leadership of my former state, North Carolina, is a HOT MESS and they were terrible under that pressure… sigh.



So that is really where I live, that little bump out there is Cape Canaveral, you know where they launch rockets and formerly launched space shuttles. This thing was set to hit us head on. But we were ready.

Solomon and I packed up boarded up, got ourselves ready, and even went to stay with friends further away from the ocean than where we live.


Yes, I totally did pack those things on the bed in a waterproof container, I know stuff is stuff but some stuff you simply cannot replace. I didn’t pack many photos because thanks to Facebook all of my photos are backed up there and are easily accessed, so no worries about replacing those.

You can see it in the bottom right corner there, the purple plastic box, that’s my emergency information box, it has birth certificates, Social Security Cards, car titles, insurance information, written will, power of attorney, and so much more. All of the must have things for life. I can’t even tell you what is all in there but I can tell you that everyone needs one, you need to have all of that information ready to go in the event of an emergency. I know that one day if we have a fire the things I will grab on the way out are shoes, phone, dog crates, and that box. But that’s another blog for another time.


This was the radar at 2am, when the worst part of the storm hit. The eye was JUST off shore, 26 miles off shore to be exact, a total of less than 50 miles from where we were hiding from the storm at friends. FIFTY MILES Y’ALL. That’s all there was between me and a storm that killed people….

But we made it. The storm went up the coastline, staying off shore.


I know this is true, every part of me knows this is true. It was the hand of God that protected the Space Coast. Every single model from every National Hurricane Center update said it was hitting us head on with all the force a Category 4 Hurricane could muster. But then my friends hit their knees and lifted prayers to God for his protection, for his hand to be on my town. You may not understand it, you may not believe it, and that’s ok. I know it to be true. I could feel the power of the prayers, you had to be here, around 4pm in the afternoon on Thursday when the storm was just starting to be felt out way there was such a power, I cannot even explain it to you. We were protected by prayer and I am so very grateful.


Living through such a thing has really given me perspective. I felt total peace, I went to sleep y’all, no it wasn’t the most restful sleep, strange bed with a cat walking on me and all will do that to ya, but still, I slept through a hurricane. I prayed, I put my trust for my life and property in the hands of God, had his peace and went to sleep.

If that wasn’t eye opening I don’t know what is. I was able to trust him with my literal life during such a storm as Hurricane Matthew, it was certainly time to trust him with my business. No holds barred, true and absolute trust. So I did just that. I decided then and there to trust God completely with my Paparazzi busienss, to stop stressing, to live in that peace that he’s got me and he’s got this. After doing that my business has completely changed. I have added two new personal teammates in 12 days, my team has added another, and held a very successful opportunity night that has people really thinking. And instead of worrying “are they going to join?!” or “when will they join already?!” I am simply hopeful that new members will join my team soon and we will all meet success together.


It’s too bad that it took a hurricane to teach me that lesson but you know what, at least I learned it 😉


How is everyone else? I know the rest of the east coast, including so many many many of my friends and loved ones were hit worse than we were, there was even loss of life in North Carolina, right now just under 40 people, and it’s so sad. I hope all of you fared well and that this storm perhaps taught you some lessons like it did me!