How to Choose your Sponsor

After the agonizing decision of which business to join comes the even MORE important decision of who will be your sponsor and your leadership team.

This can be agonizing and it should be given a great deal of thought because once you’ve chosen your sponsor you cannot change. You get one shot at this!

Let me tell you why I would make a good sponsor.

First– I am working my own business.

Who wants to join someone who isn’t doing the things she’s supposed to be doing, making money, and achieving new ranks? You won’t get anywhere with a sponsor like that because she won’t inspire you.


Second– I am ranking up! 

I am working and pushing, and moving toward new ranks every day. I am pushing myself to book parties, sell jewelry, and add new teammates all the while working to inspire my current and ever growing team of women and men who I am proud to lead!


Third– I am always working toward new goals!

Sometimes when you set a goal you just don’t hit it… it’s not fun but it is reality. And if I’m being honest, I’ve missed a lot of goals along my journey and I’ve been working on this same goal for a while now. But you know what, goals are achieved by those who don’t give up no matter how long it takes. And every time I miss the goal I’ve set I take stock of what I’ve done or not done and then make plans to do more and then reach that goal.

Don’t you want to work alongside someone who is working her butt off too?


Fourth- I love what I do!

I mean it, I really do. I love my job and I am so glad I took a chance on this business. Every time I get off the phone with a consultant on my team or chat with them on Facebook I am just energized, excited, and so inspired to keep working and keep going and loving what I do! I text my husband all the time “I love this job!” and I mean it each time!

Don’t you want your sponsor to be as excited as you are about your new business? Won’t that inspire you to keep working when the tough times come? It does me!


Fifth– The leadership above me is working hard and achieving new ranks! 

The women above me, my sponsor and our leadership uplines are all working! They are all making a name for themselves in Paparazzi! Each one has goals and an action plan to reach those goals! She is putting in the time and effort it takes to get to where she wants to go. Plus, she isn’t afraid to fail. I’ve seen my sponsor shoot for a miss the same goal for months now but she hasn’t stopped, hasn’t given up, hasn’t let it get her down for more than just a minute. She’s still going!

Don’t you want to be a part of a group of women who are ALL working? It’s not just one of us- it’s ALL of us!


Sixth– I will always be honest with you! 

See #3. Honesty. All the time. I can’t help myself, I won’t lie or tell you half-truths, or stretch the truth, or make it seem like something it’s not. That’s not me. This business is simple, I didn’t say easy, I say simple. All you have to do is book parties, sell $5 jewelry, add new teammates, and be an inspiration to others. Super simple. We are the ones who make it more difficult than it needs to be, but that’s life. You want a straight answer for every question? Then I’m your girl!

Don’t you want a sponsor who will tell you the truth 100% of the time?


Seventh– I have longevity! 

I joined Paparazzi in November 2013 and I’m still doing it, still working. I’m not a fly-by-night consultant who hops around of business to business hoping for the next get rich scheme. That’s not how I work. I am nearing my three year mark and still going strong! And I have no plans of leaving any time soon or ever. I love this business, this company, this product, and this message entirely too much for that!

Now don’t you want a sponsor who has and is going to stick around?


What to you makes a good sponsor? What qualities are important to you? What do you look for when you’re choosing a leader?


And why don’t you go ahead and join my team– I am going places and I want you to go with me! 


Join now and YOU will be the one walking the stage alongside us next year! You will be added to the collage and it’s gonna be awesome!