How Fun WAS that Party?

So yea, you see me talking all the time about my Facebook parties and you wonder “Is she lying, was that party *actually* fun?”

I know, I get it, sales people, we know how to tell a good tale. No hard feelings. Mostly because I’m a great sales person 😉


Lemme let someone else tell you how fun my Facebook parties can be 😉



This is Gina, a precious, dynamic, and oh so sweet lady I am blessed to know! She had the best Facebook party with me last week and earned herself some awesome new, FREE jewelry! Free is always a plus for a stay at home mom who is just getting back into accessorizing herself! She WORKED IT! I mean she was sharing like crazy, posting about it on Facebook, sending messages, and interacting with her friends like a champ!


She had so much fun and enjoyed it so much that she’s already booked ANOTHER party!!
Plus two of her friends booked a party!!


Then we have Shannon, she didn’t want me sharing her comments, but the very same day of her party she booked ANOTHER party!
And Mackenize, she’s hosted two parties and has come back for a third!!

We also have a few other folks who keep booking and booking with me because they LOVE them 😉


Y’all, these Paparazzi parties are so much fun and oh so easy! It’s only $5 per piece so there’s zero sales pressure, your friends don’t even need to leave home, it lasts only a few hours, and we have a great time!

Are you ready to book a party with me?

Believe it or  not, I am already booked for parties through the third week of August because people LOVE them so much! You better get your party date secured right now 😉