Homes for Heroes

I'd like to introduce you to Jill Avery, Realtor with Avery Fine Homes, located in Merritt Island, Florida serving all of the Space Coast.
And a great friend!

Jill is part of an excellent program available in all states of the US, Homes of Heroes. It is an exclusive program for which a Realtor must apply, interview, and be chosen to serve in this capacity. As the Space Coast's Homes for Heroes Realtor, Jill is able to help local heroes both buy and sell homes and then gives a percentage of her commission back to the Hero at the end of the transaction.


You know we bought a house recently, but did you know that we actually got PAID to buy that house?!
We did! Through the Homes for Heroes program-- learn more about it here.

I'll give you the basics as I understand them.

Step one-- be a hero-- military (active, veteran, or retired) teacher, nurse, emergency service personnel, and on the Space Coast of Florida, work with the space program.

Step two-- hire a Homes for Heroes Realtor. Jill is the only Homes for Heroes approved Realtor on the Space Coast. Call her or send her a Facebook Message to learn more about her and her affiliation with Homes for Heroes.


Step three-- buy a home with a Homes for Heroes Realtor.


Step four-- take a photo with a big check showing what you will be back from the Realtor

Step five-- cash the actual check that will come to your new address in about a week. Do something fun with it!

Home buying is fun and stressful all at the same time, full of emotional ups and downs, good times and let downs but having the right people on your side make this process a bit better. Choose wisely. And for my hero friends, choose a Homes for Heroes Realtor. You will thank me later!