Have You Asked Yourself This?

I know that you’ve heard in the past to discover you why, to determine the reason you’re here and doing what you’re doing, whether it’s a business, weight loss, starting a new habit, learning a new skill, or something completely different. I hope you have determined why you’re doing what you’re doing. I hope you know deep within you the thing(s) that keep you going when the times are tough.

If not don’t, that’s where you need to start.


After you have that why established I have some additional questions for you, some deeper ones, that if fully explored and answered will push you to another level in reaching your goals, or maybe even show you that the goal you thought was so important because someone somewhere told you it should be is in fact not and doesn’t matter to you at all.

  1. Why do you want to be a success at _______________?
  2. What will having success in ____________________ do for you?
  3. What will life be like when you are a success in ________________________?
  4. What would happen if you aren’t a success in _________________________?
  5. How will you feel when you are a success in __________________________?

Deep Introspection Questions Download!

Asking this level of questions will reveal some things you have maybe never thought of or knew about yourself. I encourage you to be honest, be open, be 100% truthful with yourself while going through this. You never have to share it, just keep telling yourself- “no one else will see it but me.”


Ps- I know that deep examination of oneself can be a bit uncomfortable, especially if we bring up hard memories we thought we’d forgotten or tough emotions we thought we’d already dealt with and moved on from. If- actually, when- this happens to you I ask you to please let yourself feel and then deal with whatever comes up. You will free yourself from all of that and more.



I hope this gives you a deeper understanding of you, your motivations, and maybe even what you want out of life.



Please share this with others, we can all use some extra introspection.