Getting Better, Backwards

In a business like mine the temptation to force, coerce, “create opportunities,” and circumvent the timeline is overwhelming.

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Especially when seeing the fast success of others.
Especially when you are not only not growing, but also losing ground.
Especially when faced with continued difficulty.
Especially when it seems to all go wrong at the same time.
Especially when the woman in your head says you aren’t actually good enough to be here, deserve this success or any more.
Especially when you’re doing everything right, the right way, with the right heart and you feel like you’re going absolutely BACKWARDS.

We have big promises for our lives but they are taking their sweet time to show up. 

Today, together, we change our thoughts:
What if, like all God-related things, backwards is the way?
What if we need to lose someone or something in order to gain?
What if we need to have this pain to unlock our purpose?
What if this season of backwards is actually our season to release and re-learn?
What if this is the way we build a new, better, stronger foundation of faith? 

It’s hard to wait, even harder to wait patiently. 

It helps to know who else has waited and got their promises (read Hebrews), it helps to wait with friends, it helps to stop watching other people. But mostly, it helps to realize and remember just how good we already have it. 

Be reminded today my friend ❤️ we are never alone and that our promises will come.

Our abundance and prosperity is guaranteed.
And maybe, just maybe, we are getting better, backwards ❤️


If you haven’t yet watched this weeks @elevationchurch message, better is subjective and backwards isn’t bad! It’s so good!