Four Years In Paparazzi Accessories

I honestly cannot believe it-- this week I celebrated my fourth year anniversary in Paparazzi Accessories!

How nuts?!

And in those four years so many wonderful things have happened! (and many more are coming!)

I began Paparazzi in November 2013 while working for another Direct Sales company, one where I was not happy, not at home, and not making money- just being honest- I was investing more than I could have ever hoped to profit. I was at an event with a fellow consultant and saw a shy, timid woman with cute jewelry set up and big signs saying "$5!" And of course I asked the famous question, "Is it all really $5?" It was a terrible event, no one came to shop, but at the end of the two days this lady went home with a lot of money, some of it mine, and a lot less jewelry at.a.bad.event. where I didn't sell anything! I had to know more! I spent the rest of the day texting her, asking questions, and signed up that night! It was an absolute no brainer for me- cute jewelry, amazing price, super simple sales plan, I could sell anywhere, any time, all the time, and the inventory changed every day-- I mean, how could I not?!?!

Fast forward 6 months and I left my full time job and my home for places unknown! Solomon was offered a great job in Florida and we packed up everything we owned and ran for the beach!  I stepped out of education, the place I knew I was called to be, on faith and took a huge risk by making Paparazzi my full time job in just 6 short months in a brand new town where I didn't even know my neighbors.


Fast forward a little more and in the last three years I have accomplished many things!
- I have a team of over 400!
- I have amazing leaders on my team who love what they do!
- I have traveled to train my team and help them grow and will continue to do so!
- I have been to Vegas three times!
- I've been to Kentucky!
- I've traveled across my new home state several times for trainings
-I have made some amazing friends
- I have grown and learned and developed so much within myself
- I have found my purpose!
- I have discovered just how powerful *I* am!
- I have complete freedom, I own my time!


Because of Paparazzi I can do so many things, I have so many options, so many freedoms, so many dreams have come true because four years ago I took a big risk on yet another company (Paparazzi is my 7th) and put in the required time, sweat equity, work. and tears to make it to this point in my business and beyond!

Big things are coming for me, very big things! My Paparazzi business has reached the point of explosion! It is harvest season for me and my team! Those who are working, who are truly in the game, who are putting in the effort required, and are determined to stick to it through the obstacles are reaping reward after reward, after reward!!

I am taking my skills and education to the next level! I am stepping out in faith again, knowing that God has a huge plan and purpose for me and my skills and working to become a motivational speaker, personal coach, published author, Facebook expert, platform for others to share their message, and more! My re-branding is starting right now, book editing has happened, and I've *just* started telling people that I am moving into personal business coaching! This is both scary and exciting!! I am nervous, for sure, but change is amazing and this is exactly where I need to be and what I need to be doing!


And the really really crazy thing!
Since I took this step three weeks ago, to move deeper into my purpose, my Paparazzi business has really picked up! My sales are way higher, my team has grown by a bunch, and I am on track to have a new rank by the end of November! That just goes to show *ME* (because I have a hard time listening) that this is just where I need to be and just what I need to be doing so I'm going to do it, nervous and all!


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