Focus through the slow times

I promised you some real life advice on this blog and now it’s time to deliver 😉

Let me tell you straight up and completely honest SLOW TIMES WILL HAPPEN. I don’t care who you are, what you do, where you do it, slow times are coming to you sister. Just expect them. And prepare for them. That’s the crucial thing, be prepared for the slow times.


What do you do when slow times come?

1- keep using your product

2- keep sharing your product

3- stay excited about your product

4- keep posting on Facebook about your product

5- plug into some training about your product

6- listen to motivational speakers/teachers/experts

7- call a teammate (or several) and just have a chat, see how they’re doing, etc

8- call your sponsor for a chat

9- write a blog on your product

10- host your own party


Those are 10 very simple, very easy to do tips on how to focus and stay in the business during the slow times.

I must also add again, slow times will come. There will be months when sales are down, when teammates don’t join, when your team doesn’t work, when you’re just not feeling it. Seriously, they happen. I’ve been in a slow season for a long while now and I’m doing all of these things and a few more while waiting on the busy season to come!

What other tips do you have to stay busy int he slow season? I would love to hear them!