Focus Friday

We’ve all be there, and if you haven’t you will be there—when the to do list is so overwhelming and so long that you don’t even know where to get started so you just sit there paralyzed beating yourself up because you have so much to do but haven’t gotten any of it done.

I have a few easy to follow ideas for you here- apply them today and see what it does to help your focus and productivity.


Watch this VIDEO I explain everything there!


  1. Turn off Social Media.

No the irony is not lost on me that you’re reading this on Social Media, thanks for reading, I appreciate you! I am not talking about doing work on Social Media, I am talking about the time wasting you know you do on Facebook. I’m talking about scrolling through your newsfeed and getting mad about the nonsense that is on the feed, or commenting on a strangers post with an angry message, or you know, just wasting time. That’s what I’m talking about.

Turn it off. If you have to disable the app on your phone do it!


  1. Dedicate 30 to 60 minutes to focus time.

This is a time when you log out of all Social Media, when you stop doing the other things that need your attention, when you only work on the To Do List we’re going to work on next.


  1. Shorten your To Do List

You are allowed only seven items on this to do list. I mean it. Limit it to only seven.

Why only seven? I know, you’ve got a million and one things to do, but all you get is seven for this exercise. You have to pick only seven, and only the seven most pressing or the seven that need your attention first.

And then, once you get those seven written down, then you must do the least favorite one first. I’m telling you, just bite the bullet and do it. Do the one you don’t like most first. Once you complete that one you’ll feel empowered and excited and motivated to do more. It’s weird the first time around but I promise you it does work!


  1. You will lose focus

Trust me, it’s going to happen, you will lose focus. Forgive yourself, take a deep breath, pull your To Do List back out and start over.


  1. Celebrate each task that you cross off!

I mean it, have a little celebration each time you cross off a task! It’s exciting to get stuff done when you can’t get anything done!


  1. Turn on some music

Turn off the TV. That’s a huge distraction, turn it off. Instead turn on some music, music with a beat, music that motivates you. Nothing slow, only fast things! It’ll make you work faster



Bonus- on days when you can get anything done getting anything done is worth celebrating! So you’ve got seven items on your To Do List and you only get five done, CELEBRATE! You got five things done on a day when you couldn’t get anything done in the past.

That’s awesome!

Tomorrow is a new day, you’ll get more done then!