Five Years in the Making

We all know that good things take time, but how many people do we know who just won’t hang in there and wait on the good things?!

A lot. A whole lot. Most people just can’t hang. Most people actually won’t hang in. They hit the first road block and jump ship. That’s how 99% of the world end up miserable while only 1% end up living their dreams.


Meet Katie. Congratulate her with me on being part of the 1% that is willing to stick in no matter how long it takes.

She’s been working on this rank for five years. Yes. FIVE. Her Paparazzi anniversary was in January, five whole years, and finally her hard work paid off! She did it! She hit the rank of Producer with Paparazzi!
She was required to have a team total volume of 12,000, aka 6,000 pieces ordered in one month, and the extra added fun of she had to share the weight of that volume around her entire team, no one rock start person could do all of the work for her!


This means a big pay raise for her too! Yay! Everyone likes those! It will double the amount of money she brings home to her family each month, not to mention the amazing amount of sales she makes every single month!


I am so proud of her! She really did it! Help me congratulate her!

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