I have been in Paparazzi for 2.5 years and it’s been an amazing time. But sometimes waiting gets tough, it’s not easy to watch others get the rewards I am working so hard toward and to not meet success… frustrating too. You know, just real talk here.

It has been 7 months since my last promotion in Paparazzi. Seven months is a very long time in direct sales, usually a lot happens in seven months, I mean I promoted three different times in 4 months last summer… I was hoping for a lot better for the spring time. So far no dice.

Let me tell you something– the ones who LAST in these businesses are the ones who keep going, keep working, keep pushing, and keep going during their times of waiting. Most people cannot or will not hang in there during the slow times, most people would have left Paparazzi a long long time ago and given up, thrown in the towel… but not me man, I’m going to keep going. Even though I may have to wait a while longer on my promotion to Producer in Paparazzi, I’m still going. Still working. And I will keep working regardless of how long it takes, I will see my next rank!


How about you? Are you willing to stick during the slow season? During the time you have to wait to be rewarded? If you are then YOU my friend, you will get a bigger reward than you can imagine for your faithfulness and for your hard work.

Come on and join now and together we will work hard. And I will be probably the most understanding upline ever because I have BEEN THERE! I have waited myself.


So join me! Today!