Don’t get splinters!


Sitting on the fence only gets you one thing– SPLINTERS.

Big, un fun splinters.

Girl, you don’t want splinters. And I don’t want you sitting on the fence! Come on now, hop off and join the fun on this side of the fence!

Why do you want to join Paparazzi? And why now??

Well… let’s see.

First– we are still growing, but man we are not huge yet! Not like some of the more well known names in Direct Sales, we’re still teeny! We only have less than 50,000 consultants. Do you know how small that is?!? The big names have MILLIONS of consultants and places really are saturated… NOT SO with Paparazzi! I was the first to bring it to my new town, the same will be true for you!


Second— our summer line is rolling out right now! Every day we have new things! Every day you’ll be able to sell new new new pieces!


Third— the fall that’s right around the corner is gonna be the BIGGEST BIGGEST BIGGEST one yet!I am thrilled and counting down the days!


So girl, jump on off that fence, I’ll even give you a helping hand to get down! Join my team! Let’s get you started today!!