DIY Closet System

So you know we bought a house! There's a photo tour over here---> New House! 

And when I saw the master bedroom closet I knew that the two of us could NOT share that thing, someone *cough cough* has entirely too many clothes for that.....

It was your usual wire rack deal... it had to go 😉

BUT I also knew that there was no way in the world I was spending a small fortune at Ikea for a closet system... not on your life-- check out these prices ---- Closet Stuffs---

That was literally not in my budget.

So my boy and I got uber creative!
We got a $50 book shelf from Big Lots-- I love that store.
Plus three closet shelf brackets that have a place to hold dowel rods

Two dowel rods

Some screws

And! The funny part, we had a bunch of old doors that we used for protection against Hurricane Matthew in 2016 but couldn't part with because you know how we DIY'ers are... nothing is wasted.


Shelf was put together.

Brackets hung

Doors attached as shelves

Dowel Rods hung

and there you go! Closet system for like $75!


Add clothes hung according to my color blocked OCD plus baskets and you have a KILLER closet with more space that I know what to do with!!


Cost Break Down:

Book Shelf- $50

Doors- $3 at Habitat for Humanity

Shelf Brackets-- $11.91 for three at 3.97 each

Dowel Rods- $3.44 for two at $1.72 each

Screws- $6.47 for on box

Sweat Equity-- 5 or 6 hours total


I am so proud of Solomon! He did an outstanding job on this! His problem solving skills never cease to amazing me! He loves to be creative and think outside the box and he's the best, he can take my half-baked, mostly crazy ideas and make them into reality for me <3 He's the best!