Divorce the Outcome

Here’s something I bet you have heard before, expecially if you’ve been around Direct Sales for a while

“Divorce the outcome and marry the process!”


It is an absolutely necessary step along your business
How to get more sales even if you’re not good at marketing….
I believe most people struggle to get sales because they have not mastered marketing and also because they’re afraid to sell.
The good news is you can sell without really being good at sales.
One of the easiest ways to sell a lot of your products is to disconnect yourself from the result.
Meaning that you don’t care if someone purchases your product or not.
When you shift to this way of thinking you stop looking desperate, you stop checking your stats hoping someone finally purchased and you stop thinking about yourself.
To key to selling is not focusing on yourself, but instead focusing on your potential customer.
When you shift your thinking to not caring about the result, then you can start thinking how can I stack the odds so my potential customer is getting value regardless if they make a purchase or not.
When you start doing this you make sales effortlessly.
When your main focus is to help your potential customer they will feel it and suddenly selling no longer seems like a hard thing to do.
Most people are focused on themselves. The moment someone is exposed to them they’re trying to sell them before any relationship or goodwill is built.
When you disconnect from the result and focus on your customer and everything you do is focused around helping them you will become a damn good salesman( or woman) without even trying.
Selling is simply an exchange of value.