Each year Paparazzi Accessories hosts the most amazing and exciting Paparazzi party!

We call it Convention! This is our annual, big, fun, exciting meeting full of great training, amazing friendships, shopping, free gifts, buying brand new five dollar jewelry, spending time with the founders, your Elite leaders, your sponsor, and so much more!

Make your plans TODAY  to attend no matter what. Convention will change your business!

The first year I went I ranked up within a month of coming home.

Year two I ranked up three times between August and December.

Year three happens in just a few weeks so look for an update on how Convention completely changed my life in 2016.

Here’s roadmap on how to pay for Convention using only your $5 accessories sales. Make a promise to yourself to make it happen. You will thank yourself. You will come home a new person on fire to work and grow your business in a big way!

Roadmap to convention yearly plan pdf