Celebrations Are Important

You’ve heard it said that you can’t see the forest for the trees, what if you can’t see your success for all the busy work you’re doing right now?

We need to work, without a doubt, especially in the early stages and growing stages of our business, but we also need to stop and celebrate the successes that we have. All victories are important, from calling a referral to following up with a former client and even placing the ad in the newspaper for your services. The harder it was to do the activity the more you should celebrate it.


Celebrate YOUR Victory

Each of us will have different obstacles to overcome in our business, what is simple to one may be the most difficult thing in the world for another, so don’t discount your hard work. Sending an email will be simple for someone who writes emails all day but exceptionally nerve wracking for someone who never sends professional emails. Using Facebook Live is simple for those who do it all the time but overwhelming and anxiety inducing for a novice user.

Regardless of your challenge it matters to you and when you step out in faith and do what scares you, celebrate it!


Celebrate Your Way

Your celebration will look different from anyone else. Celebration to you may be a night out with your spouse, a movie night at home, a hot bath, a trip away, a hike, or even just a happy dance in your office. There is no wrong way to celebrate, so long as you do it.

Look within yourself, what actions and activities feel like a celebration to you, not what you mom or society says, only you.


Celebrate Everything

No accomplishment is too small and truly the seemingly small, day-to-day tasks that we all take for granted are not so small. They are the things that move mountains in our business, they are the things that make us the most money and net us the most influence and growth. So truly, you should celebrate everything and most especially the mundane tasks that so many business owners don’t do. It’s these tasks that make or break a business, ask anyone who’s business hasn’t succeeded, they stopped doing the day-to-day essentials. When you celebrate accomplishing yours you will want to do the more and the more you do them the more you will succeed!