Cassey Shaw

I had my 20 minute consult phone call today with Cassey Shaw, a sweet friend, fellow business owner, and now business consultant!
She and I are going to work together closely over the next several weeks to help my grow my business and push through this little plateau I’ve been in for the last few months and I can’t wait! I AM going to go Elite in Paparazzi and do whatever it takes to get to the next level! And this is gonna do it 😉
Here’s what her website says about her Small Business Academy! You should join it, she only has a few spaces left for the July academy. If you want to grow your business past the “book, sell, recruit” motto that we all have then you need to get in on this ASAP before she closes her academy!
Here’s her website!

“I have walked in your shoes! You have probably tried many different programs trying to get your business off the ground or to give it a refresher. I am sure you have read many books on this very same topic! What I offer you will be different because my HOPE is for YOU to SUCCEED and I will walk along the journey with you!

For 4 weeks of my Maximize You Small Business Academy I will help you find the success that you are working so hard for! We will follow a program I have put together by following many of the same steps I did when I first started my business! Who else better to teach you than someone who has done it herself?

Some of the focus points for this course are below:

  • Getting out of your comfort zone to find new customers
  • Ways to help our potential customers/host commit
  • How to determine your customer base
  • Time Management
  • Goals and Daily Tasks
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Building a Content Calendar
  • Leadership Basics
  • Incentivizing your Team
  • Recruiting new people to your Organization

Sign up today for your FREE 20 minute consult with me so I can hear the needs that you have and we can discuss how I can help you!”