But, I’ve tried other direct sales companies [and failed]

I hear ya, believe me, I do. Paparazzi is my 7th direct sales company.

You read that right, seven… Seriously, seven different companies, do I get it. I understand the investment, the marketing, the time spent selling, the purchasing of hundreds of dollars of inventory all to only have failure… complete failure.

No one wanted to buy anything. Or if they did they only bought one time and no matter the follow up no more purchases were made. Or the company just didn’t fit with me and my beliefs. Or I was told to do things that were not me, asked to be someone who I was not. I sold things I kinda sorta believed in. I had a compensation plan that in theory should have been fabulous but theory never happened… and I never felt solid in my decision to ask others to join my team and business…

Girl, I know.

All I can say is I know.

Paparazzi is different. I know you probably don’t believe me, but it is. I promise. You have to know by now that I wouldn’t lie to you.

The difference starts with our price point. It’s all, always $5. 

That’s not changing. And you know what me, my people, my circle, my support system- they can all afford $5 per piece. I have always known but it has since really hit me that part of my problem was I was asking folks to buy things that even I couldn’t afford or wouldn’t have purchased at all without my discount. That’s a huge revelation. If you can afford Paparazzi, so can your immediate circle.

Difference #2 is in our support system. 

Yes, all Direct Sales company’s have support systems, at least I hope they do, but Paparazzi is just so different. Perhaps it’s also me who’s different too.I have a sponsor who works hard. She has a big goal in mind and though she hasn’t quite met that goal,but has come very close several times, she hasn’t stopped working. And y’all, I’m talking months of missing the goal by inches but not stopping her work.

Above her is a wonderful woman who is among our Elite who is young and determined to succeed and succeed she has. She achieved her Elite status while in nursing school! NURSING SCHOOL! Do you KNOW how hard that is? Do you know how much work that takes? (she finished her RN btw, with flying colors!) She has shown me what it means to not give up, to fight through the hard times, and to really build up people along the way.

Above her is another member of our Elite who I consistently describe as having the heart I wish everyone had. This lady is one just just WANT to be around, her energy and happiness are infectious in the best way possible. And she loves those in her circle. She welcomes you with open arms. She always takes the time when you have a question or when you need to bend her ear. She is so motivating. And so kind when she tells you what you need to do.

PLUS, (you though we were through didn’t you?) There’s Paparazzi the company. Ever growing, ever evolving, ever expanding and seeking new ways to make the lives of it’s consultants better. I’ve been around long enough to see some major and incredible changes take place and I know even more are coming.  Every time I call our Home Office I am greeted by an excited person who enjoys his/her job! I know that when I send an email it will be read! I know that our founders are working right alongside all of us! I know they are seeking, continually, new methods of improvement in all areas that make up the Paparazzi experience. This was started as a family company and has since remained in its five years in business. I am so very excited to see what will happen in the next five years! We’re on track for great things!

Difference #3 is in our compensation system.

Paparazzi pays, and it pays well.

45% on all sales. That is one of the highest in the entire direct sales world. Only a small handful beat us in that area, the most common numbers are 25%-35% AND you have to work your way up to that number by selling a certain amount. NOT so in Paparazzi. You earn the 45% mark starting with your very first piece!

We also earn on our downline when we share the opportunity with them, when we teach them how to be successful, when we mentor them through the tough times, when we help them grow along the way. It gets a little complicated here, but I’ll give you the basics– a person earns 5% on her first and second teammates, 10% on her third. Immediately! PLUS bonuses in the signup month! It’s all so very exciting!

Difference #4 is the ability to get involved.

Perhaps it’s just, but I like to get involved in the group I join. I want to play a part, I want to have a real role to fill. And with Paparazzi that is what happens. You aren’t relegated to the “new kid” section of the class, or told to sit down because you’re so new… nope, not how it works here. You, as a new person, you are so excited, so ready to work, so happy with your new business that you’re full of great energy and fun new ideas! You get to share them with the group AND see other people use them!! Plus you get to offer other tips and tricks and training’s based on your likes and abilities. I still remember the very first time a member of the ELITE asked me to do a conference call for her entire team!!! I mean, that’s huge! And then another member of the Elite asked me to do a conference call for HER team. I mean whoa, I am just me, small in the Paparazzi world but they asked me?!? Eek!

There are about a million other differences in Paparazzi that will make you successful, but these are the three that speak to me and to my heart. Maybe they will speak to yours as well.

For my fellow Paparazzi sisters– what other reasons do you have for succeeding in Paparazzi? I would love to hear them!

Are you thinking about joining a company and need some questions answered? Maybe these four will answer for you! What other questions do you have? Leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer!

Ready to join my team? Go for it! Right here!