Big Blessings

This rock, photo found on Facebook so I have no idea who the original owner was, says a mouthful. A big mouthful.


You already know that I have been in a season of waiting lately, waiting on my blessing and I feel like all I do it fight. Fight myself to keep going, keep working, fight the deceiver when he’s in my head telling me things like “You can’t do that”, fight others who just don’t understand what I do and why it’s important, you know, just fighting… it’s no fun.

But I know without a doubt that the struggles of today are setting me up for the victories of tomorrow. There’s no question that through this time of battle I am being prepared for an amazing thing, I am not yet sure what that thing will be but I am looking forward to finding out! Leadership is in my, it’s in my blood and I like to think I’m pretty good at it! And I know these battles while I’m waiting on my blessing are setting me up for serious success!


<3 Much love to all of you and always remember, your blessing is coming, just stay in the fight!