Because You Said You Would

#TBT to Empower Me Pink 2019!

The wonderful Jeff Borden told an amazing story of commitment and integrity.
He told us all that our word is our bond and when we commit to do something it simply must be done.
“Because you said you world” has become my motto.

I am doing this live sale tonight because I said I would.
I am hosting this training because I said I would.
I am sharing this amazing opportunity because I said I would.
I am going to the gym because I said I would.
Emotions have no place here, feelings don’t matter- I gave my word to you, to me, to her, to strangers, and my word matters to me. Whether I feel like it or not doesn’t play a role. I am doing it because I said I would.

What have you said you will do? Are you doing it?
It’s not to late to take action to keep your commitment. And the only person you have to convince is YOU.
You can do this.
You can be a woman of your word.
You can live with integrity.
You can chase away guilt and shame by simply taking action.
What will you do today because you said you would?