Animal Print Fun!

Working from home can mean pajamas but for me it means comfy t-shirts and jeans with the most fun jewelry I can find!

I decided here on an oversized animal print shirt- those are the most comfortable ones right?
But to keep my body shape I tied it on the side so that I wouldn’t look lost in all the fabric.

I added my most comfortable boyfriend jeans, the worn in ones that fit *just* right because when I am sitting in my office I want to be comfortable always.
I tied the outfit together with vented booties and bright blue jewelry!

I chose blue because it stands out on its own.
I wanted something eye catching, something that would be seen, and was a lot of fun to wear.


Trust me when matching up clothes and jewelry- go for opposing colors so that the jewelry will absolutely not be missed. When you wear matchy-matchy pieces the jewelry will get lost on your clothes and that’s never any fun.

Break outside your comfort zone and enjoy wearing something fun and different!