All Things Work for Good

I believe in every word of Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose,” I also believe John 16:33 “In the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”
Trials come- we’re told to expect them- and they come to all of us regardless of who we are, where we live, or what we do.


Well, today I woke up to a trial and I want to share it with you and have a conversation about it. And inspire you that when YOU have trials you too can overcome! You too can use what was meant to hurt and harm to create goodness! You too can find joy in the trial and use it to help you further your life’s mission!


Here’s the text as written, mistakes and all–

“Wow!  Finally a place to comment.  No extra expenses?  Really?  There are tons of extra expenses to display the jewelry and to have successful events.  If you are not willing to recruit then you will need to sling a lot of $5 bling to replace a full time job.  Think about it…your profit is $2.25 per piece,  it is goi g to take a lot at that rate to rep,ace your job.  That is where recruiting comes into place.
No competition is also a joke.  There are so many consultants in my area now who do not care if they sell to your customers or set up a places they know you have set up with for years, etc.  it is a flat out dog eat dog mentality.  The lack of integrity is staggering.  You hope your upline will support you but try falling on hard times when you can not order in story all the time and see how much support you get I’d they themselves are n t scheduling events where they know you have worked in the past.  If your are not ordering or recruiting. you ate not worth their time.  Oh, and by the way, the company has basic issues as well.  They can not keep up with any growth.  New releases are gone in a flash because thry refuse to limit how many any one person can purchase .  They also have a website that crashes frequently when consultants try to register for events or try to get in on a particular new release they know will be popular.  Oh, let’s not forget the writer of the blog has aliented many consultants with her negativd verbal abuse and back stabbing that they have quit.  Many texts and emails have been sent to her upline from consultants who want out from under her.  Sure she moves up in the company but those of us with integrity and character know exactly how she profits.   Beware this person and this company.  There are many others out there who do not cundict or condone these business practices.”



Living a very public life and climbing through the ranks of a business leaves me open and exposed to such feedback but it also gives me a very large platform on which to make my case, to share my story, and to complete my life’s true mission to inspire others.

I could leave this lie, I could ignore it, I could just overlook it and let it go away peacefully- but today God challenged me to use this attack for Him and so, though I know I am again opening myself up for more such feedback, I will now do so after much prayer and meditation.

So let’s dive in shall we?

First up– Let’s talk inspiration.
Haters happen. In life haters happen. Remember John 16:33? Tribulations, and some of our biggest ones are other people.
If you’re doing anything, making a stand for anything, using your platform for literally *anything* people are going to come out to stand against you just because they can… it’s no fun but it is just part of the journey. God said it would happen, it happened to the folks in the Bible, to the ones who cam after them, to people all throughout history. I am no one special, I don’t get to skip over this part– I do however get to decide what exactly I’m gonna do with this.

And I’m gonna use it for fuel! Fuel to inspire YOU my reader! To let you know that the trial you’re going through is not permanent, is not life ending, is not business/career ending, and happens to all of us! You are going to be ok! Whatever is happening to you at this very minute is hurting, is un-fun, and you’re wishing it would end, like yesterday. Hang in there! It will! And decide that you won’t let it defeat you, instead you will let it grow you in great ways!

Second– Keyboard Warriors are brave behind their screens.
In the world of technology hiding behind a keyboard makes people brave, they would never be brave enough to say things like this to anyone’s face but anonymity lets them think they can say anything hurtful that comes to mind and have no consequences.
Friends, we call that a bully. This is cyber-bullying at it’s best. And it is not okay. It is not ok to treat anyone in such a manner. It is not ok to say such hurtful and malicious things about anyone.  Not only is it not ok, it is illegal in most places and if proven to cause harm to the individual can be prosecuted by law.
You can do two things with bully’s- ignore them and hope the go away or stand up and face them. You see which option I’ve chosen, but more than that, I’ve chosen to use their bullying as part of my message and to further my purpose.

also– NOTHING is anonymous online, tho this person attempted to remain so, they failed.

Third- A change of mindset changes things.
I was originally hurt, as the writer intended, but not any more because I’ve done a great deal of work in the realm of mindfulness and I decided to change my mindset on the entire thing.
Now I am sad for this person. If she has such mean things to say about me or anyone else what sort of mean things is she saying about herself? What sort of bully is she to herself every time she walks past a mirror? Does she say she hates herself? Does she hurt herself by being so cruel in her own heart? Does she hold on to her own anger letting in poison her, killing her spirit over time?  My heart hurts to think of the cruel way she lives her life, thinks about herself, and how that hatred spills over into her outward life and conversations with others.
My prayer today started out asking God to heal me and throughout the day has changed to asking God to help heal her, to help her find her own peace and let her learn to love herself so that she can have that love, rather than hate, spill over into the other parts of her life.
She is miserable, she is hurting and that hurt is what is causing her to lash out and hurt others.


Fourth- What was meant for evil will be used to promote goodness, love and light.
Isaiah 54:17 :No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”
This post was meant to hurt me, there’s no two ways about it. And hurt me it did. But I made a decision on what exactly I would do with that hurt. I decided to pray. And as I prayed for healing from the hurt, for forgiveness for this person, for help in the best way to address the situation my prayers soon morphed into gratitude.
What? Gratitude?? For someone who was so cruel?
Yes, gratitude. I began to thank God for this, for the opportunity to have an open dialogue with my team on this subject, to show them that I too have people who are cruel to me, that I really understand what they are going through people they have naysayers, to have them rally around me in a time of hurt and lift me up with their love, to work and lead in love first, to have the platform and opportunity to address this in a very public fashion, and to let this entire situation bring glory to God for all that he has done for me, and all that he is continuing to do for me in my life and business.


Now, let me address some of the things this person mentioned in the post:

1- “Finally a place to comment” — there has always been a place to comment on all of my blogs, videos, Instagram, Facebook, all social media– I welcome open conversations, I do not however take kindly to personal attacks.

2- No Extra Expenses– this person is obviously not a member of my team because she would know I teach my team NOT to spend money, or spend very little on set up items because it’s not the set up that sells, it’s the jewelry

3- Recruitment= money — No, a person is NOT required to recruit in Paparazzi, no one ever said that, certainly not me, and to this day I make more money on my sales than I do on my down-line commissions. This is not information I share publicly because I believe there are two things you never discuss; your dirty laundry and your finances. So you won’t hear me bragging about it except to say– it was my Paparazzi sales that bough our house…
A person can indeed make enough on sales if she is willing to put in the work each and every month to replace her full time income, I did. I stepped out of my full-time job 6 months into my Paparazzi journey with TWO teammates. I relied solely on my sales for my income.

4 Competition among consultants — She says “in my area,” like I said earlier she tried to remain anonymous but she did not succeed, I know where she lives, and indeed, there are a lot of consultants in her area and I am not the team leader of those consultants therefore they do not have my training on “Team First,” I cannot be held responsible for what other teams do or do not do.
I live, believe, and teach no competition- I instead teach fairness and love. I am in business to change lives, for the good, not to undercut others who are just trying their best to find success.

5 Lack of integrity— That is a human problem, it is world wide; integrity is growing less and less and less as we continue through life, it is not special just to Paparazzi. However, Team WISE is different, we have a Mission Statement that members agree to live and work by “We believe in Wisdom, Integrity, Sisterhood, and Setting the Example.” and the women and men who make up my team truly do- they are incredible and every day make me so proud to get to do life with them.

6 “You hope your upline will support you”— It sounds to me like this beef is really with her upline, not me, but I was an easy target because I have a powerful online presence, and perhaps her upline can’t handle this kind of scrutiny, I don’t know, but whatever the reasons I am able to withstand, to come out victorious, and to use this as a way to inspire others!
Now, lets talk about uplines. Honey, they are human too. They have good days, bad days, off days, sad days just like you and I do. Some come to leadership naturally, some have to grow into it. Some lead and teach very well, some just don’t know how to do that. Some only see dollar signs, some see the lives their changing- and that’s also not specific to Paparazzi, that’s life in general

7 “If you are not ordering or recruiting you are not worth their time”-– It’s again obvious that I am not her upline because my team knows that the exact opposite is true here. I care about my teammates as humans first, I want to know they are ok, if they aren’t ordering that means they aren’t selling, and I teach SELL FIRST! I do not ask anyone to just buy pieces to have them sitting at home, that’s not a smart way to do business. Instead when they aren’t ordering I ask first “Are you ok?” and I mean it. I want to know if everything is ok, is something wrong, can I help you? And my team knows I don’t mean with business, I mean with life. I learned along this path that business comes second, life has to come first because if life is a mess business will never happen. I care about the lives of my team. Right now I have members being threatened by the California wildfires- do you think I’m asking them why aren’t not ordering or recruiting?! No way man! During Hurricane Irma nothing happened Paparazzi-wise with my team and it didn’t matter, nothing was more important than knowing the members of my team were alive during and after the storm and getting help to those who needed it as fast as possible.
This again sounds like a problem this writer is having with her upline and my heart hurts for her again. I know there are uplines out there who are like that, if you aren’t making them money you are useless- and that fact alone is a driving force for me to be different. I may not make the most money or rank the highest the fastest but I care about my Paparazzi team, they are my best friends and family, they support me during hard times and I them. Money is not the final object of my business, changing lives through personal empowerment IS- and I do that first and foremost by caring about the humans behind the business.

8 The Company has issues-– Yes. Paparazzi is going through growing pains, stock sells out fast, websites aren’t prepared to handle the high level of traffic, etc. The company has had unprecedented growth in the last 12 months, growth like no one expected, we’re talking adding nearly 60,000 new consultants since November of 2016, that’s huge and they just weren’t prepared for that because no one on any Corporate level team could have predicted such an awesome occurrence. But I stand by Paparazzi, they aren’t perfect and never claim to be, but they do claim to do their best at all times, to give their best to their consultants, always, even in the difficult situations. Yes, I get annoyed when websites crash, when cute stuff sells out fast, I mean, I am human after all, but I know that’s part of the journey and those annoying times are another time I get to decide will I be kind or cruel.
I also have been with the company for four years, in that time I have learned to trust our Home Office Staff, to trust the Founders, to trust the people who manage even more chaos than I could even imagine- if they say they’re working on it, they are, but things in business are never simple so some solutions simply take time to figure out and then roll out. And I  give them that time and the trust that they are doing all they can to help me be a success in this business.


9 “The writer of this blog has aliented many consultants with her neativd verbal abuse and backstabbing”— Remember I told you a little bit ago that I have been doing a lot of work in the area of mindfulness? Well I have and that work has lead me to understand that what some perceive as “alienation” is simply growing in areas that they aren’t and that more often than not is taken wrong by those who aren’t growing. The growth is seen as a threat and when threatened people lash out. We’ve talked a few times about how I feel sad for this person, I still feel that way. She feels threatened and is now herself lashing out with what she defines as verbal abuse.


10 “Many texts and emails have been sent to her upline from consultants who want out from under her” — with a team of over 400 the odds are that this statement is true.  It isn’t a perfect system, life isn’t perfect. I have never promised to be perfect, in fact I tell that to every single person who signs up to do business with me “I do not promise to be perfect, but I do promise to give you my best” and as a human the best is perfect.

But, I also know MY upline and I know her integrity, if something were sent to her she would address it with me as a professional woman, as a sponsor, and as a leader; and no such thing has been brought to my attention.
It is my policy to maintain an open line of communication to all on my team- I reach out, whether or not they reach back is up to them. In my mindfulness work I have learned that so long as I am satisfied with my efforts, so long as I know I gave nothing less than my best I have done my part exceptionally well and I let the rest go.


11 “Beware of this person and this company”— remember our chat at the top of the page about haters? Yea, that one. Anyone who has ever done anything, stood for anything, taken a chance on anything has had naysayers, has had people tell others to beware, has had negative feedback like this or worse (some much worse).  I feel powerful having such vitriol coming my way because it is a rite of passage– only the best garner such hate!

Think of Beyonce, that woman has haters all the time, she didn’t when she first started but as her fame grew and her influence spread they came out of the woodwork trying to knock her down.

Y’all, having haters means I have arrived!

Having internet trolls means I’m doing something good!


And as a dear friend said to me today “You are doing what God would have you to do and that is when you will get attacked. Just be encouraged that if you weren’t in his will no-one would be attacking you.”

I am walking in my purpose
I am standing tall in my mission for life
I am taking the steps orchestrated for me, my business, my life, and my family by my God!
I am powerful in Him!
I am wearing the armor He designed for his children to protect them during attacks like these.

So [very] long story short– yes this hurt but this also was an opportunity for me, one that could not have come without the hurt and I am grateful for it. I am grateful to the friends and teammates who helped me through today, who made my cry with every single message they sent and comment they posted. I am grateful to have such a safe space to really, authentically, 100% be myself- hurting and all- and still be so deeply loved and protected.

Big things are coming for me- I know that, I believe that, I own that, and I relishing that fact- the harder the battle the sweeter the victory and today I am shouting VICTORY! I have victory over what was sent to destroy me in the name of Jesus and I am so grateful!