Alignment Determines Assignment

It’s not something we talk about too much in direct sales- it feels woo, weird, out there, only for metaphysical coaches to discuss…

But not me.

I believe this is true in all parts of life- where you align yourself is where you will find yourself in success.

In laymens terms alignment means working in your purpose, doing what you’re called to do, completing the tasks that light you up!
It feels different, you show up different, you work different, and the outcomes are different when you are in alignment.

You know those times when it’s all just easy or when it all just seems to fall into place? Yea, those are the times of alignment! Don’t you like those? (we all do!)

What if you worked like that every day?
What would that look like for you?
How would that change you, your business, your mindset, your belief in yourself, and your financial situation?