Hi friends, I’m Ericka Champion Wise, public speaker and Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant.
I’m so glad you’ve found my place! Let me be the first to say “Hello! Welcome! Have a seat and let my pour you a cup of coffee!”
Hot White Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks is my favorite, what’s yours?

Since we’re getting to know one another here let me tell you about me!
I was born on Christmas Eve and grew up in a small town in Western North Carolina that at the time was a little piece of nothing, a tiny little dot on the map with one exit on the interstate- nothing happened there. Seriously, the high school kids hung out in the parking lot of Food Lion (that’s a grocery store) for fun, nothing happened. We didn’t, and still don’t, have a Walmart, the closest one is 30 minutes or so away.
Things have changed in my little town though in recent years, perhaps you’ve heard of the Tryon Equestian Center, supported and backed by our current President Donald Trump? Yea, that’s my home town.

Growing up was great, had a great, supportive, loving family, two parents, two brothers, lots and lots of grandparents and even great-grandparents, plus more cousins than I could ever count! We spent a lot of time with family- and yes, it was by choice! Every single Sunday we had a giant after-church lunch at my Granny’s house, a tradition that still happens even today!

I left this small town for school, a lot of school, I loved college so much- I have degrees in many things, but more than the degrees my time at UNC Asheville spent as a member of Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity, as a college student, and then as a member of my alma mater’s staff was incredible. It was there that I learned a different world view, learned what compassion for one’s fellow man truly means, and saw professor and staff members model every day how to be open minded and love the Liberal Arts way of life. During my time on staff I was honored to have the most amazing boss and mentor, Dr. Jane Fernandes, then Provost and now President of a new school who taught me so many things, and helped me to learn and grow, and mature along the way under her steady, compassionate leadership. I both celebrated and cried when she announced her acceptance of her Presidency, she deserves only the best and I know she is doing amazing things for her new school and they love having her at the helm!

It was during my time at UNC Asheville that I adopted my first daschund puppy- Joey, married to a wonderful man, adopted two more little daschunds, and joined a sweet little jewelry company- Paparazzi Accessories. What a fun time that was!

As luck would have it, at the same time Dr. Fernandes was leaving UNC Asheville for new challenges, my husband and I left North Carolina as well. His skills, talents, and background lead him to a wonderful position in Florida and we settled into our new home on the Space Coast—we absolutely watch rocket launches from our back yard! So, we and our three dogs packed up everything we had and moved many states away from everyone we knew and loved to begin again. And it was the best decision we’ve ever made!

During our move we decided I would not go back to an office position or education position in Florida, I would instead focus solely on my Paparazzi Accessories business. Second best decision we’ve ever made! Choosing to give my full attention to business allowed me the freedom I needed to grow both myself and the business. At the time I was the only Paparazzi Accessories consultant in my new county, literally the first person there to offer the world $5 jewelry, it was an amazing position to be in, I was the first! Since then I have consistently grown a team, reaching over 400 at the time of this writing, and grown in sales, reaching over $1000 per month at the time of this writing. In addition to that I have also grown personally, creating a better life for myself and my family by focusing on my gifts and talents and purpose, then using all three to change the world.

And today, I have stepped into the world of public speaking and personal empowerment. My tagline is my life’s vision—inspiring you to live with passion and purpose through personal empowerment. I have seen a need for women to step up and step into leadership roles in all areas of life, but I have also seen that women are afraid to do so, mostly because of the stories they tell themselves or allow to be told about them, my work is to help and empower these women to change those stories so that they can find and then live their passion and purpose and then change the world.

I speak to audiences of all ages, with a focus on women, from teens to the very wise; I speak belief, life, and empowerment to them all. I offer personal coaching and training sessions to assist one on one with breaking down walls and belief barriers, with finding and understanding a woman’s true purpose in life, to outlining strategies to live the best life, business strategies, Facebook marketing strategies, boot-camps, and so much more.

I am still very active in my Paparazzi Accessories business, and it is thriving, it is thriving because I have uncovered my life’s true purpose and I am working directly in my own passion, helping women change themselves and their world. I am a testimony to what incredible, God-lead shifts will happen when a person works according to her purpose. My business will continue to thrive, doors will continue to open for me to speak and empower women, and personal coaching appointments will continue to fill my books allowing me the opportunity again and again to affect change, one woman, one belief, one passion-finding-session at a time.

p.s.- Sooner rather than later I WILL publish my first book! Be on the lookout for official announcements as soon as it all comes together. And those who are in Direct Sales and Network Marketing, you’re gonna love it!

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