7 Reasons I Have Always Loved to Sell by Kate Gaffin

Borrowed straight from her email, no changes needed because this is POWERFUL!
If you’re sitting there thinking “sales is icky” or “I couldn’t be a sales person I am to honest!” girl you are so thinking the wrong things!! Let Kate speak right to you right now!


7 Reasons Why I Have Always Loved to Sell…and I Always Will

1-    What a rush it is when someone says ‘yes,’ I’ll take that.

2-    I’m genuinely curious about people’s stories…and this has been one of my biggest assets when selling to individuals, Fortune 100 companies and everyone in between.
How cool is it that something I love ties so naturally into growing my business.

3-    Selling has made me super courageous…because I’ve made some crazy scary cold calls in my life. And, not only did they not kill me like I sometimes believed they would, I can cite many Fortune 500 companies  I’ve sold to as a result.
Doing the things that scare you really does do amazing things to you as a human.

4-    I’ve always known that people love to buy…they just don’t want to feel ‘sold’ and when I focus on the relationship first, they never feel this way.
Not Ever.

5-    There are gazillions of things to sell in our world and I can choose any one of them…or I can create my own and sell that.
How cool that the sky is the limit on what I can sell.

6-    What a rush it is when the payment from the someone who said ‘yes’ hits my bank.
7-    I’ve always believed heart and soul that selling is an amazing thing because it allows me to impact someone or something in their life…sometimes just for a moment like when I sold ice cream out of a cart to hot and bothered New Yorkers on sweltering summer days…and it impacted their mood for the better if just for a moment or two.
When I sold expensive technology platforms to Fortune 100 companies and it impacted their employee recruitment processes by completely streamlining them.
When I sold a small percentage of my company to an investor who was really inspired by my business…and it impacted her knowing she played a part in putting something lovely out into the world.



Find Kate here at Human to Human Selling, she has some amazing stuff and is one of my favorite people to follow because she keeps it 100% real all the time!