I have a huge Paparazzi Accessories goal to share with you!

Short Story first– our income took a surprise $1k per monthcut yesterday afternoon (ouch! And what a way to start the weekend with the rug pulled right out from under you…)

And I am determined to make up the difference through this wonderful business of mine.

That’s where you come in– 

? Will you shop with me for $5 jewelry?

? Will you come to a Facebook party?

? Will you tell your friends about my business and ask them to shop too?

? Will you host your own party with me?

? Will you join my team and let me help you overcome your own financial surprises? 
All of this will help me so much more than financially ❤

Join my Facebook VIP group! I’m going to have a BIG sale there, you won’t want to miss it!

Help me sell 500 pieces before August 1!

Help me show ME that this can be done no matter the obstacles!

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