32 Days

100% honest- I wasn’t going to share this, cause well, you know… I fought with myself all night about it.


But this morning I woke up with a new thought on my mind, this isn’t about ME, this is about inspiring others, that is one of my goals after all. Someone is on a journey to better themselves and someone is struggling or wondering why the scale isn’t moving when they’re trying SO HARD, someone needs to see this. So, I need to share it.
These photos were taken 32 days apart. A lot can happen in a month when you get to work.
No, the scale has not moved like I want it too, the stupid thing, but there are so many other victories along the way.

Whatever journey you’re on, keep going. Dont allow what you perceive as lack of progress to stop you or to make you wonder if its all worth anything. Look for other ways to determine your progress. Because my friend, you ARE making progress. Be proud of yourself, fiercely proud, of just how far you’ve come since you started. And finally, realize that the journey is not over, that this is simply a bump in the road, that you will pass through this tough time and on to even more victories!
Ps–I cannot wait to see my 60 day results 😉

Pps- this is why women need to lift!