3 Ways to Save for your Starter Kit!

Ways to Save for your Direct Sales Start Up Kit


When I first thought about joining Paparazzi Accessories, I wanted to make sure I was starting the adventure debt free and with zero risk. Below, I’ve listed ways to save for your own direct sales start up kit. Using these tips, you will be able to save enough money to cover the cost of your start up kit. Also, the commission you earn from your first sales will be income in your pocket!

Host a Party!!

Most direct sales companies now have a way for a hostess to earn rewards to be put towards the cost of the start up kit. With Paparazzi Accessories, we offer the option for the hostess to earn free jewelry or receive a discount off of the start up kit cost. Interested in earning your own start-up kit with Paparazzi? Let’s Party!!


Do you have some old baby toys that are gathering dust? Clothes from last season that won’t be worn? Books you have read or sports equipment sitting idle in the garage? Put these things to use! Post an ad on Craigslist and earn most, if not all, the funds you need for your start up kit!


Online Survey’s

This one may take a little time, but it is doable! Sign up for a few opinion websites and in a few months, you should have enough to put towards your direct sales start up kit! Pinecone research, 20|20 Panel, and Opinion Outpost are three of my favorite survey sites to use. They are spam free, reliable, and you start earning cash right away.


The Starbucks Effect

Many of you have heard of the Starbucks effect. It’s as simple as giving up one luxury item a week and putting that money you would have otherwise spent into an account to save up for your start up kit. One small change can make a big difference later on.


Using one or all of these money saving tips can easily get you in the position to start your direct sales business debt free and risk free! I’d love to hear your own ideas on how you financed your direct sales start-up kit! Comment below! I’d love to hear from you!