10 Ways to Create Your Own Success

Creating your own success is the only way to do life- IMHO.
I don’t like relying on someone else to find my happiness, I REALLY hate putting my fate in someone else’s hands, and detest hoping and praying someone else will work so that I can go up…
Not my thing.


And I hope it’s not yours.

So let me tell you my top 10 Ways to Create Your Own Success.
Some you’ll like, some you won’t but that’s life, right?

1. Check your Mindset
Do you believe you can meet success, believe that you deserve success? Do you believe that everything that is happening right now, both the good and the bad, is all for your benefit? Are you able to have a bad moment, to move past it, and not let it ruin your entire day?
No? Then this is exactly where you need to start.
You need to check your mind- what’s is saying? What are you feeding it? What’s it doing for you?
Feed it good stuff, good books, quotes, devotions, videos, podcasts, and so much more. And the best part of this- a lot of things come free. So go fed your mind good stuff, it will change your mindset which will change your life!

2. Believe in yourself
This one goes almost hand in hand with #1 but it does deserve its own number because it is important. Do you believe in you? Or are you relying on others to get you to success, like your downline? Do you believe you’re deserving of success?
If you answer no here then you need to start learning how to believe in yourself and in your ability to meet success. There are tons of tools available to help you here, go find them and start to work immediately.

3. Have faith
Yes, I am a believer, I don’t hide it, but I also know that not everyone believes in God and Jesus and salvation like I do and you don’t have too. Faith comes in other forms, faith in God is my choice, you can have faith in the universe, faith in the Law of Attraction, faith in karma– whatever you want, choose and have faith. Live in that faith, even on the bad days, have faith.
If you don’t have faith and you want faith go get you some! No matter what it looks like, get some!

4. Use Tools and Training
I know that someone somewhere has given you tools and training to help make you a success. If they haven’t someone on YouTube has, I mean it, go find them! Right now!
I know for my team I have created a full four-week training program, a ton of YouTube videos, and a Facebook Group full of great stuff to help them. I will bet that you have someone similar. Go get them and use them well!

5. Get Rid of the Negative
Notice, I did not say “negative thoughts” I just said negative. Because, I am sure you know this, negative comes in the form of more than just thoughts… It can be negative words, negative TV shows, negative meetings, negative people, negative “supporters” and so much more. Ditch ’em. I mean it. Get rid of the negative no matter what it is.
Now, if the negative is say your mom you can’t exactly get rid of her but you can set boundaries, you can limit what you talk about with her, you can refuse to discuss business, you can tell her that you’re an adult and though you love her dearly this is none of her business. Yes, you CAN do that. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.
Shedding the negative is like losing 100 pounds, you’ll feel like a brand new person! Trust me!

6. Help Others
Make your business about helping others. I know it sounds cliche, but that’s for a reason, because it works. When you stop selling and start helping you’ll see a change. When you stop recruiting and start helping you’ll see a massive change. Shift your thinking to helping others meet their success. It’s no secret that to reach the top levels in any company you need a downline full of people who are working and ranking up in their own right– why don’t you reach out and help them rank up? You will rank up in turn.
Get busy helping other people, your success will come.

7. Forgive yourself.
Have you ever screwed up? Go ahead and say yes, we all have. Are you still beating yourself up over it? Why?! What are you gaining?
So stop. Forgive yourself, right now forgive yourself for whatever you did, let it go, and move on. You have bigger things to focus on than that mistake, go focus on those.

8. Don’t stop
This one seems simple but so many people cannot seem to get it. Stop stopping. If you have stopped get back to work right now. Work. Sell your product, share your product, grow your business. Just work. Even on the bad days, work. On the good days work more. Just work.

9. Stop Focusing on Money
Yes, we need money, we all need money, and often a lot more of it. That’s on the the main reasons people join businesses, extra money. I get it, I could also use more money. But you have to stop focusing on it. It always seems to me that the more we focus on money the less we have– or is that just me?
Focus instead on sharing and growing your business, focus on how you can help others, the money will come. It may come a little more slowly, but it will come.

10. Give Value to Others
A strange concept, I know, but hear me out here.
Give value to others- what do you have or know or can offer that is valuable to others? If you have a product that can heal a cut or scrape, give them that value, if you know how to teach someone to sell a product, give them that value, if you know how to inspire and re-motivate someone, give them that value.
You see, we can all sell, sales is a learned skill, anyone can learn, it’s that value that only you have that makes you special. Want to stand out in the crowd, give value to other people. Folks are looking for something and someone of value, don’t you want to be that person?


I hope this helps you, success is NOT elusive, success IS achievable. Now get out there and get your success!