Lines, Lies, Labels and Liabilities

Dear Sweet Friend,
Someone you loved and trusted said something about you once upon a time.
That you were fat or skinny or too tall or too short or you laughed weird or your hair color wasn’t right for you- or any number of other seemingly innocuous little statements.
You took that line and made it a lie that you believed to be true about you.
So you made it your label “Hi, I’m Ericka with the weird laugh so I never laugh even when you’re funny.”
And that label soon became your liability.
It is the thing that pushes you over the edge faster than ANYTHING else. It’s the hot button that will set off explosions when you’re trigged.
Today I want you to go back, sift back through the years of false labels to find the lie and then the line that was said so long ago and determine that it is false. You are not that. And defeat it with the truth about you!
It may be easy, but it may not be, but it is completely worth taking the time to recall these old memories and refuse to believe them as truth any more!
You are worth it!

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